In All Things Pray

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Heiden & Neena Ratner
Las Vegas, Nevada

Picture Las Vegas, Nevada. What images come to mind? Bright lights, casinos, Sin City? All that is there, but here's what we want to focus on today - about two million people live in the Greater Las Vegas area and 92 percent of them do not know Jesus Christ as Savior.

What do we call a place where people do not know about Jesus? We call it a mission field. And we send missionaries to a mission field, don't we?

That's why we have sent a number of church-planting missionaries to Las Vegas, including Heiden and Neena Rather - we're going to pray for them today. Our church gives through the Cooperative Program and part of that money is supporting them even this month.

They have planted a new church called WALK Church, which currently meets in a school just off Interstate 215, south of the Las Vegas airport. But a lot of their ministry happens in teams as they meet in homes during the week. Teams focus their outreach on groups like hotel workers or young people.

Let's pray for Heiden and Neena, that their new church will be one of many new churches that will sprout up across Las Vegas. Let's be bold and pray that Sin City can one day be called Forgiven By Jesus City!

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