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Joe & Kim Busching
Lima, Peru

We know that people around the world are moving to other countries to live. People from China, for example, have moved all over the world. We don't think of Chinese people living, say, in South America, but millions of Chinese now live there.

Our missionaries we are going to pray for today serve in South America - in Lima, the capital city of Peru. They are Joe and Kim Busching and they're our missionaries because we support them as our church gives to missions through the Cooperative Program.

In 2016 Joe and Kim arrived in Lima, which is Spanish-speaking, of course. Then they learned that more than a million Chinese people were living in their city, but they could find only about 90 who were Christians.

So they start praying about how these million Chinese can hear about Jesus.

They made contact with a Chinese Baptist church in Kansas City and then with a Chinese Christian woman who runs a school to teach Spanish to Chinese. Gradually, Joe and Kim are making contacts with believers and figuring out other ways to share the Gospel.

Let's ask God to bless Joe and Kim serving way down in South America. Let's thank God that, as Christians, we don't care much about where people are from - rather, we care very much about where they're going in eternity!

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