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James & Abi Copeland
Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Today we're going to Canada. Montreal is Canada's second largest city that sits in Quebec Province on the St. Lawrence River, just north of Burlington, Vermont. It's officially French-speaking but most locals seem comfortable speaking French or English.

It's a beautiful city many American tourists visit each year. But the most important fact for us today is this - out of about four million people who live in Greater Montreal, 99.3 percent are without Christ, unchurched, lost.

Today we want to pray for two of our missionaries, James and Albi Copeland, who serve there. Part of the support they need to live and serve in Canada comes from our church's Cooperative Program dollars we give each month.

They moved to Montreal with their four young children and started Renaissance Church in the Little Burgundy section of the city, not far from the river. Getting to know people and sharing the Gospel are slow matters here.

When James and Albi met Michael, he said he did not believe in God at all. But he started attending the church. A year later Michael asks questions about God but has not yet made a life commitment.

Today let's pray for James and Albi and their family and for the growing number of believers in their church. And let's pray for the people they meet like Michael who believe nothing, yet desperately need a Savior!

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