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Cornell & Jeanine Neumann
North Africa / Middle East

We would like our missionaries to share the Gospel across North Africa, but of course that is not allowed by most of the countries. So how do we get the Gospel there?

That's the question two of our missionaries we'll call Cornell and Jeanine Newmann are answering. You understand why we won't use their real names. Their plan was to live in France and train people from North Africa to go back to their home countries as missionaries to their own people.

Before the Neumanns even moved to France their home church back in the States prayed that French Christians could be found who would feel called to reach North Africans. Soon after Cornell and Jeanine arrived in France they met a Christian man we'll call Louis, who had that exact calling - he was an answer to prayer. Later he was able to go into North Africa to teach 12 local pastors and help plan new churches. Now Cornell and Louis write training materials to help Christians in southern France plant new churches and disciple both native French people and North Africans.

Let's thank God that our missionaries like Cornell and Jeanine are persistent in finding ways to get the Gospel to lost people, wherever they are - if not by one way, then another.

We support the Newmanns with our Cooperative Program giving and don't you feel good about that? Let's pray for them now.

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