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Kesavan & Viji Balasingham
Toronto, Ontario

Today we're going to pray for one of our missionary couples serving in Toronto, Canada's largest city that sits not far from the Canadian border, north of Buffalo, New York.

They are Kesavan (say KES-ah-von) and Viji (say VEE-gee) Balasingham (say BALAS-ing-ham).

Their names sound different because they are from Sri Lanka (say SREE lonka). Kesavan was raised as a Hindu. When he was 19 he got involved with a gang and served time in prison. He read the Bible for the first time and became a Christian. Later he attended seminary and was called to plant a new church.

They moved to the East End area of Toronto, where about half the people were born in another country. They planted Fellowship Church Rouge and they have begun to reach troubled young men who have the same kind of problems Kesavan had when he was young. He plays basketball with them, prays with them and leads them to faith in Christ. Already some of those new believers are helping bring others into the church.

Our church is supporting Kesavan and Viji through our Cooperative Program giving. Let's thank God that the Gospel can change people in prison and even transform them into church planters. Let's pray for our missionaries now, that thousands of people - wherever they are from - can come to faith in Christ through this new church.

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