In All Things Pray

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South Asia

Today we're going to pray for one of our missionaries in South Asia and he's in a country with many barriers to serving. But our missionaries have seen success - in one of the largest cities in the region, there are now more than 70 new, healthy churches.

Our church helped plant all those new churches. Here's how: One of our missionaries - we'll call him Cal - met a young man we'll call Sampson, a Christian who sensed God was calling him to plant churches in this city we are talking about, 250 miles from his home.

After Sampson was married, he and his new wife moved to that city to start new churches. But Satan sent roadblocks. First their new baby died. Then their house burned. Other believers who were going to help plant churches left. Sampson did not know what to do.

That's when he met our missionary we're calling Cal. He trained Sampson in the Bible and in church planting methods. Sampson, now strong with training, started to work. And his one church soon grew to 70.

Our church supports Cal through our Cooperative Program giving - through him we helped train Sampson and to get those churches planted.

Now let us pray for our missionary Cal and for Sampson's wonderful ministry. Let's pray for many more churches to be planted.

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