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Trent & Victoria Mullen

You may know a Deaf person, for there are many Deaf people in the United States. Did you know that about five percent of the world's population is Deaf? That's more than 460 million people. That's a vast mission field of people needing to know the Gospel!

That's why Southern Baptists send missionaries to the Deaf, including to overseas nations - and Mexico. We're going to pray today for two our missionaries to the Deaf. We're going to call them Trent and Victoria Mullen for security reasons, though those are not their real names.

Trent and Victoria have trained Deaf Christians across Mexico in how to communicate the Gospel to other Deaf people. Most Deaf people learn best by hearing stories and that means that most of them will listen to Bible stories. In one part of Mexico, Trent and Victoria trained two Baptist women who are Deaf - we'll call them Ana and Sally. They have been able to share the Gospel with many Deaf people in village after village by telling Bible stories in sign language.

Our church is supporting Trent and Victoria through our Cooperative Program giving. Isn't it wonderful that even people who live in a world of silence can still come to know Jesus Christ as their Savior!

Let's ask the Lord to keep our missionaries, Trent and Victoria, safe as they travel and teach across Mexico. And let's pray for the Deaf people all over Mexico who have come to know Jesus and want others to know Him too!

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