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Woo Il Jun & Jieun Yun
New Orleans, Louisiana

Today we're going to New Orleans, Louisiana. To be more precise, we're going to Metairie, which is a city of nearly 140,000 people. It's north of downtown New Orleans and sits alongside Lake Pontchartrain, but it's really part of Greater New Orleans.

Our missionaries we're going to pray for today are Korean: Woo Il Jun (say woo-ill-june) and his wife, Jieun (say june). We'll call them Woo and Jieun. They have started Metairie Korean Church and our church is supporting this new work through our Cooperative Program giving.

The church teaches forgiveness, which is at the heart of the Christian Gospel, of course. Woo has seen the truth of that teaching. In an earlier church a man became upset with Woo and even filed seven lawsuits against him. After Woo had planted the new church in Metairie, that same man came into the church one Sunday during a service.

At first Woo did not know what would happen. Then Woo went to the man and offered reconciliation. The man came to the front in tears, apologized and admitted his sin.

As we pray today, let us remember that only God can truly heal a hurt and angry heart. Let's pray for our missionaries, Woo and Jieun, and their two children - and let's ask the Lord to bless their ministry so that many can come to faith in Christ.

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